Friends Will Be Friends



• a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection

• a familiar or helpful thing


I talk a lot about my friends on this here blog. I am proud to say that I have a life that is so much richer because of them, and since I love them so much, they seem to make cameos on this blog quite a bit.


But when it comes down to one of my longest friendships and possibly one of my most supportive-we-have-been-thru-hell-and-back-and-I-can’t-imagine-my-life-without-you friendships, it pretty much comes to D.


D and I met in college, and even though we seemed to be passing ships in the night in school, we still somehow managed to become fast friends. After moving to NYC in 2005, I finally got her up to the city in 2006 and I am forever grateful that she made the move. We have moved in together, moved apartments together, moved out and moved on together. And while for the most part we behave as sisters, there is always a part of me that is constantly grateful that she picks me to be her friend.


Other than my parents no one has supported me, seen me through this crazy show biz process or traveled more miles to see me do what I love. It has never been about where I am in the country with D, it is always just about when she will be making the trip.  But this time she and Jason made the trip up this time together on Sunday. I was giddy knowing they were on their way to Vermont.


After a quick visit before Sunday night’s show, they made their way to the theatre. After the show we caught up over a beer and then called it an early night. With plans for Monday in place, we decided to just touch base in the morning with hopes of a good breakfast and then off to a local brewery. Unfortunately, Jason has been feeling a little under the weather, and with little to no sleep last night, they decided to cut their trip short to get back in time to see a doctor at home. We did manage a nice breakfast at 4 Aces Diner though before they headed out.


As I caught up with M last night over the phone, he couldn’t help but notice how excited I was. And the only way I can explain it is this. I am so lucky and fortunate to do what I love. But I have been around long enough to realize that none of it matters unless I get to share it with those that I love. It warms me and fills my heart with so much affection that I feel like I glow. It makes the early morning auditions, the waiting game, the politics and the heartbreak all worth it.


Yes, I talk about my friends. But they are so much more to me. They are a reason I can do what I do.


So D, I love you to the moon and back plus all the Twizzlers and Reese’s Pieces in the world.



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