Lil Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place

“Quality begins on the inside… then works its way out.” 

– Bob Moawad


I am moving a little slow this morning. I skipped out on my early morning run and hoping I can get a little heat relief when I head out later this evening, but I just couldn’t wake up this morning. Some mornings just don’t go as planned.


Yesterday evening dad and I headed to Houston to catch my sister in TUT’s production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. After moving back from NYC last year, Lis has made quite the name for herself in the Houston theatre scene. So when I was making my flight plans to come to Texas, I made sure I would have time to catch Lis in action.


The show was great. The dialogue is quite hysterical and since it is all based in Texas, the audience’s reactions were incredible. Lis was stunning as always up there. But what made this show so different for her was that she had a few features. A few lines and a few vocal solos. It doesn’t sound like much, but earlier this year Lis made a decision to try to break out of just being a dancer in the back and fight for a some more supporting roles. It was amazing to see her confidence and to see just how much her hard work has paid off. 


We had a great evening, but the show is quite long, so getting back on the road so dad could get to work this morning was the last thing I wanted to do. The show runs thru Sunday and you can purchase tickets here. So if you are around the Houston area you should make a stop by The Chicken Ranch and say hello to the whores. I know Lis would love to say hello at the stage door.


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  • Katie:

    Lis is such a star. When she dances you just have to watch her. I enjoyed getting to hear her sing and see her act. She isn’t just a dancer, for sure!

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